Blacklock Elementary, by Merv Grigg 

Blacklock Elementary, by Merv Grigg 

Several years ago while teaching PE to a class of intermediate students, I had the class sit on the gym floor while I issued the necessary instructions for the ensuing activity. When I was finished, I gave them the green light to stand to begin the activity. Everyone got up, with the exception of one boy. I suggested that it was time to get up, but he said, "I can't". I, of course, said , "Why?" He replied, "I'm stuck". "What do you mean, stuck? How can you possibly be stuck?" "My finger is stuck in a hole," he answered. Sure enough, during the instructions he had found a hole in the floor that was used to secure wall apparatus when it was in use. I guess he had tried to get it out but managed instead to get his finger lodged securely in the metal-lined hole in the floor. My first impulse was to treat the whole incident rather lightly, but one look at his panic-stricken face made me realize that action, not laughter, was necessary. So I sent one of the other students to the staff room for liquid detergent. A few squirts of this miracle liquid later, the finger and the boy were extricated and class continued as usual. 

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