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Updated Jan. 13, 2015

Volunteering is fun and rewarding! It allows you to: Stay young at heart • Enjoy yourself • Keep your curiosity • Bring pleasure to others • Share your skills • Laugh often • Challenge yourself • Be active in your community • Keep your mind stimulated • Be part of a team • Help others • Enrich your life • Meet interesting people • Be social and make new friends.

The LRTA is always looking for members to run for the executive, be a phoner, and help with activities. Contact any executive member to get more information or put your name forward.
LRTA is associated with other organizations that offer interesting and fulfilling volunteer opportunities.
Check out the LRTA section of the BCRTA website (bcrta.ca) for a more complete list of volunteer opportunities.

BCRTA needs Volunteers - Retirement Workshop Facilitator bcrta.ca

The BCRTA provides a pre-retirement workshop THERE’S MORE TO IT THAN MONEY for active teachers.

The workshop is about retirement. It’s fun to facilitate a workshop where the participants are really looking forward to a positive retirement.Excerpt from a letter to the BCTF Teacher Magazine:
“For several years in my local (Coquitlam), our professional development day offerings have included ‘There’s More to it Than Money’ sessions presented by BCRTA members who share their personal experiences with colleagues who are investigating retirement. Each year the sessions have been oversubscribed and extremely well received by attendees. Many teachers view retirement with mixed emotions and the workshops provide an excellent forum for realistic, informed discussion. The focus of these sessions is on life after retirement – the endless possibilities of retirement lead to thoughtful conversations facilitated by BCRTA presenters.”

Usually two presenters facilitate workshops. Out of pocket expenses are covered and training is provided.

For more information contact Kristi at the BCRTA office. 604 871 2260 or 1 877 683 2243

COSCO needs Volunteers - Health and Wellness Workshop Facilitator – To learn more click here

Over the last few years, thousands of people throughout B.C. have participated in one of the COSCO Seniors’ Health and Wellness Institute’s free health promotion workshops. Since they launched FallsPrevention in 2007, the demand for, and the number of, workshops offered, has grown exponentially. They now offer 38 different workshops. Each workshop is available free of charge to anyseniors’ group. The sessions are 90 minutes long and are delivered by a trained senior volunteer facilitator who presents practical and useable information, free of technical jargon.

All of the material and equipment is provided for the volunteer facilitators. You do NOT need to be an expert. Out of pocket expenses are covered and training is provided. Being a facilitator for these workshops is very rewarding.

If are interested in becoming a facilitator or booking a workshop, please contact Sheila Pither at 604 684-9720 or pither470@shaw.ca

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