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The LRTA is offering an opportunity to all BCRTA members who are interested in "going places and doing things".

It is always more fun and often less money to have one or more friends share in an activity whether it be going to the movies, sharing a cruise ship cabin, touring, or planning an adventure. Fall is coming and there are so many roads to travel and events to attend.

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If you have an interest in being part of our Let’s Go Group, send your email address and phone number to:  

Judy de Vries, 


  judy.devries@langleyrta.ca  or   604-530-7103.

The LRTA Let’s Go group is open to all BCRTA members and provides services to BCRTA members.  BCRTA members are given the opportunity and are invited to participate in many different activities in their community and beyond.  

These opportunities are discussed and agreed upon at a monthly gathering at the Langley School Board Office.  These opportunities are circulated to all Let’s Go members via email and put on the LRTA Website for all BCRTA members to access.   

Let’s Go October 25th Meeting Notes and group picture click here >>

Read the Newsletters of the RR Smith Foundation,  click here

Let’s Go offers:

  • an invitation to share experiences and make new friends.  
  • a monthly gathering over coffee to discuss community events and travel
  • a monthly opportunity to go for lunch with other retired LRTA members
  • a place to find a travel companion to share a cabin or hotel accommodation
  • a chance to see local theatre productions with others
  • an invitation to join others for fun and fitness at the Blair Pool at 8:00 or 9:00 am most days of the week
  • an opportunity to see movies, concerts and other community events with others
  • a chance to explore the area on group day tours with a reliable company (somebody else drives and parks)
  • an opportunity to revisit places visited years ago 
  • an opportunity to take overnight or longer group excursions with a reliable company
  • a chance to travel far and wide with other LRTA members
  • an invitation for a spouse or friend who wishes to travel with an LRTA member 
  • this member service to B.C.R.T.A. members across the province.  

This service is provided free to members and members are under no obligation.  

A note from the webmaster, George Main.  The Langley RTA through our Let’s Go Group has a special relationship with Enjoy Tours and Travel. This travel agency contributes funds to the RR Smith Foundation (see below).  I went with Enjoy Tours to Cuba, what an exciting trip.  Enjoy Tours is also noted for their short trips and I encorage you to look at their catalogue (click here and give it a few minutes to download). You don’t need to be a member of the Let’s Go Group, just mention your membership in the BCRTA to support RR Smith.  For more information click on any of the links below, where your cursor turns to a pointing finger.


           small groups, BIG adventures!

                           Tel: 604.630.2434 ext 1       Email: enjoytours@maximatours.com
                          Online booking: www.enjoytourandtravel.com/book-tour.html

BCTRA members join the Let's Go Group with fellow BC Retired Teachers in support of the RR Smith Memorial Foundation. Mention BCTRA or RR Smith when booking to donate 10% for Day Tours, 5% for Multi Day Tours and $100 for Vacations. For Let's Go Group newsletter contact Judy de Vries at devriesj@telus.net or  judy.devries@langleyrta.ca  or   604-530-7103

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